Get in Touch!

If you have any questions regarding our webshop or our product please do not hesitate to contact us. Either contact your local sales advisor or call our office at 63902620 during opening hours.

If you have any problems navigation our webshop, Marianne is ready to help you with tips and tricks – please call her directly at 63902617. Any suggestions for improvements, errors on either website or products, please let us know so we can fix it.


My order was not accepted, what to do?
There may be several reasons that your order was not accepted, maybe you have overdue invoices, or maybe an item is sold out or maybe something third… So call us at 63902620 – and we will look into it. Do not try to send the order again. If you have an error during checkout after our opening hours please write us a message and we will look at it as soon as we are back at the office.

I cannot find an item, why?
Maybe the item you are looking for is no longer in our assortment, or maybe a new item number has replaced the old one. Please try to locate your item by trying different search options. If you are still out of luck please call us.

I have ordered the wrong thing, can I delete my order?

Once you have confirmed your weborder and get the order confirmation your order is sent to our warehouse to be picked and packed. So we cannot delete items from your order. However, if the item you wrongly ordered is out of stock – we have a chance to delete it. Then please call us – have order number and item number ready to speed up the process.