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What is Egoing?

EGOING is our proprietary electrical system that sits on many Crescent electric bicycles. EGOING electric bikes are product designed, developed and a large part is also produced in the bicycle factory in Varberg.

EGOING engines provide a good effect for city cycling and commuting and the system is easy to understand. You have five power modes to choose from when cycling and can also get help from the engine as you guide your electric bike.

The Driving Experience

Two different types of displays give you information on the way. Most of the bikes with the e-go system have an LCD display that is centrally located on the handlebar. The display shows the selected power mode, speed and how far you can cycle before it is time to charge the battery. On the three-speed electric bicycles there is a simpler display showing only power and charge levels.

The engine is located either in the front wheel, centrally in the crank or in the rear wheel and the battery is integrated into the package holder or on the frame tube. The engine’s characteristics and location and how the system is configured gives the electric cycle different characteristics. Regardless of engine location, all electric bikes with the EGOING system have “Go-Assist”. This means that you can use electric assistance even when you are driving your bike.

Egoing Hub Motors

Front Wheel Drive

New generation of front-wheel motors that are even quieter and stronger than the popular predecessor. With this system, you get smooth and comfortable electric cycling with full control of speed through five fixed assistant modes of 12.5 km / h, 17.5 km / h, 21 km / h, 23 km / h and 25 km / h. The battery is integrated into the package holder. Available on Crescent city elcycles with 3- or 7-speed gearboxes.

Rear Wheel Drive

A rear-wheel motor system in combination with battery on the frame's undercurrent provides a stable electric motorcycle that makes cycling a pure pleasure. A speedometer sensor provides assistance in five fixed positions of 12.5 km / h, 17.5 km / h, 21 km / h, 23 km / h and 25 km / h. An electric bike for those who want to know the effect of electric assistants in every tramp roof. Available on Crescents sportiest hybrids with 24 switches

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